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Mission and policies


Our mission is to develop needed standards and protocols to enable the Bitcoin Cheque payment system, create libraries for others to easily implement services based on the system, and promote the use of it.


  • Bitcoin Cheque payment system is prioritized and promoted to support a Bitcoin currency based payment system, but we do not put barriers to prevent other currencies too be supported as well.
  • The Bitcoin Cheque is made with internationalization in mind, so everybody can use it in their local language.
  • The payment system is created as flexible building blocks, so to allow creative minds to use it in ways we could not imagine ourselves.
  • We create open standards available to the public and base ourselves on the usage of open standards.
  • The standards we create are made generic to support unforeseen and future needs as well.
  • Standards we create are reviewed in public to allow everybody with an interest to propose changes.
  • We create and release libraries and demo codes as open-source software to making it easy for others to continue and extend our work.