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Bitcoin Cheque Project


The BitcoinCheque Project’s mission is the develop a Bitcoin Cheque specification, protocols and demonstrate the usage it by developing a functional Bitcoin Banks, Banking Apps and web-shop plugins.

The demonstration and and availability of Bitcoin Cheque infrastructure will make it easier for all people to use Bitcoins. This will in time lead to mass adaption of Bitcoins.

About the project founder


I’m a huge Bitcoin enthusiast and believes this will be the next big thing on the Internet. Bitcoin will in the future change how we spend, save, trade and do business.

However, even more and more people is starting using Bitcoin, it still has to many barriers preventing mass adaptions. The Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency as a whole,  is still a young technology and there will be huge developments in many fields in the coming years. I believe one such improvement may be the development of the Bitcoin Cheque concept as described in this site.

This development is a huge task, too big for me to conduct it alone. Nor do I have all the required knowledge myself to complete it. I took the initiative to establish the Bitcoin Cheque Project. The mission is to developing and demonstrate the Bitcoin Cheque, and in this way help the mass adaption of Bitcoin.

I don’t intend to own or control this project all by myself. Once the right people has been recruited, I want to constitute a steering committee that will have the rights and responsibility to manage and control the project.