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Simplifying Bitcoin usage

Today Bitcoin is far too difficult for my mom to start using it. The Bitcoin Cheque will effectively remove these barriers and enable all people to use it.

The ideal solution

The world needs a super simple payment solution for micropayment to purchase Internet content.

  • When a reader visits a newspaper, or want to buy some other content, the user must only be required to do one click in order to fulfill the payment and instantaneously get the page or the content.
  • First time a user makes a Bitcoin purchase, he may be willing to install a Bitcoin wallet and purchase some Bitcoins. This process has to be super simple too.
  • It must also be super easy for merchants that want to sell the web content. They must have access to plugins/modules that easily can be install into their Web Shop and then the system will take care of the rest.

Re-thinking Bitcoin

We need to rethink how users should experience Bitcoin. It must be really simple for new users to start using it, like it and continue to use it. 

Maybe the biggest barrier is to make a new user who is unaware of Bitcoins, to actually install an Bitcoin wallet and purchase some Bitcoins. Today, he will have to be an computer expert or Bitcoin enthusiast for this to happen.

When a newcomer enters the world of Bitcoin he will initially have to get an wallet and get some bitcoin in it. The tricks here is to redirect such a visitor who has no Bitcoin wallet installed to a payment gateway, or as later will be explained in this site, to a Bitcoin Bank. The web-shop will sense that the visitors browser do not has any Bitcoin payment apps installed, and change the Bitcoin Payment URL to point to a recommended bank. This will be possible by the introduction of the Banking App Protocol.

When a user sees an new Bitcoin Payment URL and don’t know the merchant behind it, he can not initially know whatever it is good or bad. To help him, an installed payment app in the browser should give him an indication of whatever the merchant can be trusted. This information can show up when the user is hovering the url, or the app can change the url’s color, or in other way change how the url appears. 

What is needed?

Obviously, we need some more infrastructure to make all this become true. This infrastructure my consist of the Bitcoin Cheque and Bitcoin Banks and some new standards and protocols.


The outlined ideal solution will require systems and infrastructure of the following requirements:

  • First, we need browser apps/ad-ons/extensions that includes Bitcoin wallet and functionalities to handle the one-click payment.
  • We need CMS plugins/modules that supports one-click Bitcoin payment for the most popular systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.
  • The payment process must be fast, max 3 seconds. Today Bitcoin has a problem in that the confirmation of the payment my take up to 10 minutes.
  • The system must provide anonymity and privacy. It must be possible for people and businesses to do trade using Bitcoins without the rest of world to know.
  • The system must provide adequate safety from losing Bitcoins due to hacking, robbery, human errors, computer crashes, scams etc. This safety must be available for all people without needing to be an expert.