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Contributions needed

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Bitcoin is the money of the future. From its head start it has increasing its popularity and is becoming more and more accepted for every day. New service and support are emerging and only the future will reveal what can be archived by it.

However, there are some barriers in existence to make mass adoptions possible. Among these are the needed confirmation of transactions. Currently Bitcoins lacks some infrastructure and systems needed for merchants to in an effective way to accepting Bitcoins.

This project aims to close this gap. By the creation of Bitoin Cheque and the needed standards and protocols to use it and by demonstrate the use of Bitcoin Cheques, it is this projects motivation to kick-off the introduction of Bitcoin to the big masses, both merchants and common people.

A new organization, Bitcoin Cheque Foundation is being established. The mission is to develop the needed standards and protocols and demonstrate the usage of Bitcoin Cheques, and make it possible for the community to start using it. This will in time lead to mass adaption of Bitcoins.

This is in deed a huge task. The project could need a great deal of help for the Bitcoin community and open-source community as a whole. We are asking for a wide range of contribution, from standard development, security advising, software coding, testing, marketing, promoting and leadership. In short word, an entire organization is to be put in operation.


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