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These open-source projects will demonstrate the usage of Bitcoin Cheques and allow everybody else to start using it.

The Bitcoin Cheque is organizing and hosting three projects:

  • Bitcoin Bank – A light-weight banking system for WordPress
  • Banking App –  A payment app to be installed in web browsers
  • Pay-Per-Page-Click – an eCommerce plugin for WordPress

The purpose of this project is both to demonstrate the usage of Bitcoin Cheque, the one-click payment feature of the Payment Protocol.

The apps and WordPress plugins will be easily available for download and installation. A first prototype of the Banking App is available at Chrome Marketplace. Once the demonstration system is in full operation, these apps and plugins can be download and the mass adoptions can start.

The software is developed under GPLv3 and MIT licenses.

Contribution and development

The source code is stored in GitHub.


Contributions are welcome. Register and join the project.