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Bitcoin Bank

This is a demonstration bank showing how the Bitcoin Cheques will work.



The main goal is to demonstrate the usage of Bitcoin Cheques. The bank is located here:


Currently you can not deposit any real coins in it. You will be credited 0.001 BTC that can be used to create cheques. However, you can not withdraw these from the bank.

This bank is developed as a WordPress plugin in PHP. The plugin can easily be installed in any WordPress sites.


Front-end functions (Installed as short-code on WordPress pages):

  • Sign up and log in as a client
  • List accounts and transaction
  • Create cheques and send by e-mail
  • Receive cheques

Bank account system:

  • Clients and accounts
  • Accounting with double entry bookkeeping system
  • All transactions made against balance sheet or income statement
  • Cheque engine


  • Money Account API (under development)
  • Bank teller client API (under development)

Back-end admin panel:

  • List all clients, accounts, cheques and transactions
  • List bank’s balance sheet and income statement
  • Add and withdraw coins (transactions must be handled manually)
  • Configuration page


The demonstration bank is in development. Source code is hosted at GitHub:


The plugin needs wp-plugin-framework library, which can be found here: