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Bitcoin Bank

This is a demonstration bank for showing how Bitcoin Cheques will work



This project will develop a light-weight banking system implemented as a WordPress plugin.

The bank will offer basic payment services by issuing Bitcoin Cheques. These services can be used to provide instant one-click payment systems.

Payments can be made by log-in to the bank or by downloading the Banking App.


The bank has the following requirements:

  • Main functions:
    • Offer payment service by issuing cheques
    • Offer payment service by creating requests
    • Cheque exchange (to provide “repeater banking” service)
  • User interface  (for logged in users):
    • List accounts
    • List transactions
    • List cheques
    • List payment requests
    • Send and pay with Payment Cheques
    • Send and request payments
  • External interfaces:
  • Admin functions:
    • List all users, accounts, transactions, cheques and payment requests
    • Filtered lists
    • Configuration

 Development and contribution

The source code is hosted at Github:


Bitcoin Bank operation

A demonstration bank has been prepared here: bitcoindemobank.com