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Payment Apps

Payment Apps support super-simple one-click instantaneously Bitcoin payments.


Bitcoin Banking App
Screen-shoot of the Bitcoin Banking App.

In order to demonstrate the Bitcoin Cheque, a Banking App, Bitcoin Bank server and eCommerce modules have to be developed and put into operation.

Banking Apps are needed for all popular web browsers and cell phones. This project will start with a Banking App as a Chrome browser extension.

Currently, a prototype has been developed for Chrome browsers as an extension. It has the basic functionality to allow one-click payments. You can download and install it from the Chrome Marketplace. You can test the one-click payments feature on the Pay-Per-Page demonstration site.


A Banking Apps is to be installed in a web browser or as a cell phone app. It will enable customers to make Bitcoin payments using Bitcoin Cheques.

When a user visits a webshop or a site requesting payments to provide some information, the Banking App will read the Bitcoin address and if the user clicks the address, the Banking App will make a payment using Bitcoin Cheque.

The Banking App differs from today’s common Bitcoin wallet in that it will not store the private key itself. These may be stored in the Bitcoin Bank. The Bitcoin Bank connects to the Bitcoin Bank and by using the Bitcoin Cheque protocols, and when the user wants to make a payment it requested the bank to issue a Bitcoin Cheque holding the requested amount.


This chapter lists the most important requirements that should be met in order to fulfill its purpose. The most important requirement to fulfill the purpose of this project is indicated as mandatory. Other requirements are indicated as optional.

User interface

  • Banking App window
    • The Banking App shall indicate its presence by showing an icon in the browser window. By clicking this icon, the Banking App window will pop-up. (Mandatory)
    • The Banking App window shall show the bank account balance (Mandatory)
    • The Banking App window shall have the functionality to send money to
  • Bitcoin Payment URL marking
    • When a Bitcoin Payment URL is detected on a page, the Banking App shall highlight the link
    • When hovering over a Bitcoin Payment URL, a small popup box shall appear with additional information for the merchant. This information will be received from the Bitcoin Bank. The information shall indicate if the merchant can be trusted, cannot be trusted or if it is unknown to the bank.

Communication interface


  • The Banking App shall support one-click payment. (Mandatory)
  • The Banking App shall have a configurable option for the maximum amount that can be paid using one-click payment (Mandatory)
  • The Banking App shall have a built-in local Bitcoin wallet. When making a payment, the user can select if the payment shall be conducted from his bank account in the Bitcoin Bank or from his local Bitcoin Wallet (Optional).

Implementation details

Browser Header

After the Banking App has been installed in the browser, an additional browser HTTP header field will be transmitted when reading web pages. These browser header fields will tell the web-shop that the customer has a Banking App installed.

The browser header is inserted by the app or extension itself. (At least Chrome extension is able to do it.)

Bitcoin Bank connection

Once the browser starts, its installed Banking App will connect to the Bitcoin Bank. The app should read the account balance and other information. The balance will be displayed in the app’s widget, typically mounted in the top corner of the browser.

The connection between the Banking App and Bitcoin Bank must be secure.

Future development

The Banking App may in the future become one of the most important user interfaces towards the bank. It has many possibilities to display information and offer functionality to the bank’s customer.

It may be difficult to predict what kind of information and functionality the interface between the Bitcoin Bank and Banking App must provide. It may well be that the Bitcoin Banks and other commercial banks offering Bitcoin Cheque services will develop their own Banking Apps and implement their own proprietary protocols between the apps and the bank.