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Pay-Per-Page-Click plugin

This system will allow bloggers and newspapers to monetize their content by chargeing micro-payments with very low fee


The Pay-Per-Page-Click plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows one-click instant payments for showing the full content of pages.

The main motivation for developing such a plugin is to demonstrate the instant one-click feature of the Payment Cheque. Besides that it will be easy to use and solve some simple needs:

  • it is a quite simple plugin, there is no need to deliver any content or goods besides giving access to a page,
  • WordPress is currently one of the most popular CMS among bloggers,
  • and it will help solve a real-life problem for bloggers and newspaper have in charging for their stuff

The plugin is installed and can be tested here: https://www.payperpageclick.com


A person or newspaper wanting to sell text content can easily install this plugin and select the pages needed to be paid for. The page will then show the start of the page, and if a reader wants to read the whole article, a link says it will cost a certain amount. The user must only be required to click this link in order to complete the payment and continue reading. By using Bitcoin Cheque, the payment will be made instantaneously, so the reader doesn’t have to wait for any confirmation to move on.

The world lacks a good system for micro-payment of web content like news, articles, and blogs. Once this plugin has been demonstrated, together with a Bitcoin Bank and Banking Apps, bloggers and newspapers using WordPress can install it and start monetizing their content. They should have enough incentives to start using it.


  • The plugin should be able to charge for articles in both post and pages
  • The WordPress admin must be able to select which articles he wants to charge
  • The WordPress admin should be able to charge different prices for each article
  • Before a page is paid for, a synopsis or part of the articles should be shown.
  • At the end of this part, a Bitcoin Payment URL must be shown.
  • Visitors should be able to pay and read the pages completely anonymous for the site owner
  • Returning visitors should not be required to pay for articles already paid for
  • The WordPress Admin should be able to set recommended Bitcoin Bank to redirect visitors that have no Banking App installed
  • Besides all that, the plugin must comply with all Bitcoin Cheque Specification and Protocols

Implementation details

WordPress plugin

We will start by developing a WordPress plugin.

Bitcoin payment URL

A  Bitcoin payment URL is a link that requests the customer to make a payment in Bitcoins to the web-shop. Depending on if the customer is actually using Bitcoins or not, this link will be more or less useful. If the customer is using Bitcoins, this URL is all fine. However, if the customer does not use Bitcoins, the customer will not be able to make a payment, nor understand this link.

To make it easier for a customer with no knowledge of Bitcoin to actually make such a payment, it would be of enormous advantage if this link would be dynamic and dependent on the user readiness with respect to Bitcoin. If a user, who has not installed a Banking App (nor Bitcoin wallet), the URL must be changed to a link to a recommended Bitcoin Bank. This way, a user will be redirected to the bank where hi can register for an account, by some Bitcoins, download the Banking App application and finally make the payments. This process must proceed smoothly and with as few clicks as possible.

The bank being redirected to will be a choice of the web-shop. It will be important for the webs-shop to redirect the customer to a bank that he trusts, and believes the customer will trust too. The choice of the bank may depend on the country origin of the customer. 

When a user visits a web page, the browser reveals some information to the web server like screen resolution, support for java and other features. If you visit mybrowserinfo.com you can see what is revealed from your browser. When a Banking App is installed in the browser, the browser will reveal that is has the Banking App installed and that it can make payments using Bitcoin Cheques.

Next time the user visits a web-shop, the browser will tell that a Banking App is installed, and the web-shop will show the usual Bitcoin payment URL, enabling one-click payment right away.

Further development

It is not the intention of this foundation to develop all kinds of web-shop plugins, otherwise than to demonstrate the technology.  The development and distribution of plugins and modules for CMS systems like WordPress and Joomla is a huge industry with lots of professional developers. Once the Bitcoin Cheque has been proven as a reliable payment solution, and some Bitcoin Banks offering currency exchanges has been established, these professional developers will most likely start making high-quality plugins for all kinds of systems.