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Money Address standard

Money Address is conceptually like an e-mail address, and can be used to send money to anybody around the world, just like an e-mail.


Money Address is conceptually like an e-mail address. The difference is this address is used for sending money.

The Money Address has mostly the same format as an e-mail address. The first exception is the @ character is replaced with a * (star, asterisk) character, as in this example:


The second exception is the right side for the star character. This part points to the web page where the HTTP External Resources Link can be read, which points to the Money Account API. This link can also be a subdomain or a child page. The left side is a user at that site.

The Money Address can be considered as a universal bank account system. The human-readable account address will make it easy to send money to any person at any Bitcoin Bank.

When sending a Bitcoin Cheque to another person, that person can be addressed by using his Money Address. The cheque will then be sent to the Money Account API, as pointed to by the cheque’s address.

Standard document

The latest version of the Bitcoin Cheque standard is located on GitHub: