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Payment Request standard


Payment Request is a file, which requests a payment to be made. The file format is similar to the file format of the Bitcoin Cheque. And in the same way as the Bitcoin Cheque, the Payment Request can be addressed using the Money Address and can be sent to the Money Account API as pointed to by that address.

The Payment Request file contains details like amount to pay, the intended receiver of the payment, and any conditions for the payment. Payment Requests can be paid for with Bitcoin Cheques. The cheque should copy the value, intended receiver of the payment, and any conditions from the request.

Payment Request can be created in several ways; by using a Payment App that sends the request into the API, or it can be created at the webshops to request payments for the purchase of items, or it can be generated automatically by servers as a part of subscription service.

When the API receives a payment request, it can act immediately by drawing a Bitcoin Cheque and send it to the intended receiver, or put the request on hold for user approval, or reject it.

Standard document

The latest version of the Bitcoin Cheque standard is located on GitHub: